The mission of the Society for Contemporary Craft is to promote contemporary craft in art media including ceramics, metal, wood, glass, textiles, rubber, and mixed media. It is an organization that encourages and helps contemporary artists develop their creative potential. It also provides artistic and monetary assistance to contemporary artist practicing in different parts of the world. In this article we will be exploring what contemporary craft is and how you can get involved.

First of all, what is contemporary art? As mentioned above, the aim of this organization is to promote contemporary arts in art media including ceramics, metal, wood, textiles, rubber, glass, and others. The scope of contemporary crafts is far wider than traditional conservative art. In fact, contemporary art is a term used by several artists, each with his/her own approach and style.

If you are looking for a contemporary piece of artwork or want to see more of what the society has to offer, all you need to do is visit their website. You can find all kinds of information, as well as a list of all current and upcoming conferences and fairs. The website also has a listing of upcoming events, such as the opening of the New England Contemporary Craft Society exhibition coming up in Portland, Maine in June of 2021.

Another interesting feature of the society is that it organizes projects to introduce young artists to the craft. This can be done in a number of ways. Artists are invited to participate in a competition, and the best pieces are displayed at the society’s annual art and craft show. Works of any kind, including artworks, jewelry, decorative items, furniture, clothing, or works in the creative field of art, are welcome at this important event. Exhibitors and dealers of contemporary art form the largest portion of the membership, so if you are interested in exhibiting your work at this important yearly event, all you have to do is let the society know what type of exhibition you would like to run.

At the same time, the society invites prospective members to attend one of their workshops. Workshops range from the most basic skills needed to the more difficult aspects of contemporary craft, like jewelry making. Workshops help participants refine their skills and develop new ideas, as well as gain exposure to the creative world of modern art and the types of materials and techniques used in contemporary craft projects. Anyone, from beginners to professionals, are welcome to attend these workshops.

Many of the Society’s crafts are also sold on the Society’s website, so if you are interested in buying a specific piece, it is very simple to do so. You may also want to buy a society-wide merchandise. There is an extensive selection of articles, prints, newsletters, booklets, and other print and digital resources available on the site, so you will be able to keep up with Society-wide events, developments, and trends.