British contemporary, the term has many connotations, from ‘decay’ and ‘recession’ to ‘divergenceism,’ ‘antiquity,’ and the ever-present ‘contemporality.’ However, when we think of British contemporary art, a handful of themes spring to mind. These are classic Victorian themes like the snowman and Christmas tree, or the more recent nativity set-up. A look at British contemporary art will also reveal a number of different artists working in many different mediums. These are artists who are building a repertoire of British contemporary crafts.

One group of British contemporary crafts is the group of painters based in York. The work of these talented artists can be seen throughout many different museums and galleries in the United Kingdom and beyond. In 2021 the group will feature work at the British Museum, the Tate Britain in London, and the National Gallery in Cardiff, Wales. This group has been building their talent as painters of stained glass, using traditional and nontraditional methods and materials.

Another artist working in the field of British contemporary is Paul Taylor. He has been practicing his art for over 30 years now, and he is well-known within the British contemporary community as the internationally acclaimed illustrator of children’s books. He has made several Christmas book illustrations and has recently been creating Christmas card images using this technique, as well as other seasonal images. His art presence at the British Museum will feature his popular ‘The Night Before Christmas’ series.

Paul Taylor is not the only artist working in the field of British contemporary. Devon-based artist Michael Caine has been creating beautiful prints and photographic images for many years now. His images often portray scenes from within homes or the outside world, but he incorporates them into his paintings with a sense of tenderness and humor. Devon is known for its culture and populating countryside, which give a unique perspective for any collector of affordable art. His work will be on display at the forthcoming Devon Contemporary Arts Festival (dated the second weekend in June). Caine’s work will also be featured at the upcoming South Devon Arts Festival.

A multi-talented group of individuals who make their presence felt with their charming, unique, British contemporary designs are the creative brains behind the production of the local and national enamelling gallery. Michael Caine, Paul Taylor and Devon-based artist Jack Grieve have put together a unique collection of enamelled sculptures that will be on display at the gallery. Artists Jack Grieve and Michael Caine will also exhibit at the national and local enamelling festival, due to take place in September.

Another artist who will be displaying at the summer exhibition is Jonny Andrews, from Cornwall. His lovely sea-foil tapestries will be on display at the British Crafts and Ferrers exhibition taking place at the Exmoor exhibition centre in October. Jonny Andrews has been working on his sea-foil embroidery for the past two years and hopes to launch his enamelling designs in time for the Christmas season.